Cloud gaming

From designing to creating a UX

A good UX allows users to find the right information easily and quickly without having to scroll through many unnecessary pages. To get a good UX, use a tool like to design a simple and clutter-free interface.

Digital, an opportunity for your business


The creativity engine in video games



Infinite interaction in a virtual universe

Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Combine the real and the virtual.

Simulation games

Simulation games

Learn to pilot a plane, tractor, train…

Artificial intelligence

Reproduce reasoning, creativity and planning.

Gaming essentials

Design of game devices and experiences

The concept of gamification, serious game design and serious gaming aims to assert the utilitarian objectives of game instrumentalisation and possible techniques. To provide players with a memorable gaming experience, designers offer a beautiful adventure infused with a compelling story and great music. If you love must-have games, you can access top titles through cloud gaming. This technology is revolutionising video games, find out more on

Consoles are easier to use

PC games are cheaper

UX designer video games

UX designer, a profession that makes sense

The UX designer has a strategic role in the design of a game interface. Their objective is to anticipate the expectations of players by meeting their needs. The graphic design expert must be rigorous.

A UX designer places the user experience at the centre of proposals and analyses. Their main mission is to optimise and improve the user experience by carrying out tests and by looking at the player’s journey. User experience design inserts a narrative to create emotion.

Multi-screen UX, a powerful user interface

A multi-screen UX offers three design approaches: continuous, seamless and complementary. These designs enable a holistic experience by providing an innovative interface. A multi-screen UX study allows us to observe new trends. Its success creates a relationship of trust and encourages the user to interact with your products.

Digital developments and trends

How to keep up to date on a daily basis?

Even shorter videos

Even shorter videos

TikTok allows you to watch and broadcast short videos.

The end of third-party cookies

The end of third-party cookies

Set up homemade trackers and a trekking device, more on

A hybrid marketing trend

A hybrid marketing trend

Achieve a hybrid strategy while maintaining a consistent brand image.

Social selling and shoppable content

Social selling has four essential steps: context, contact, content and conversion. In a B2B sales process, this strategy uses social media and inbound marketing techniques to create a conversation and generate leads. It uses social media communication or marketing to prospect, engage, find leads and sell.

The power of social networks

The customer experience

Focus on sales strategy

A sales strategy must be based on several web channels if you want to offer an optimal customer experience. There are different channels: website, marketing automation, social networks, new technology, CRM and inbound.

By integrating social selling into your sales strategy, you can slightly boost contract signatures and considerably increase the size of transactions.